Our New Warehouse

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

LED Lit Rows Under Mez

As luck would have it, I find myself the recipient of another lucky draw on the real estate based poker game. Rewinding, this story starts in 1975 in my dad’s 2 car garage. My first acquisition was with a high school friend and I acquired a pile of hard-to-sell military surplus. I moved from there to my first rental space in midtown Omaha. After 8 years that building sold and I was forced to move into my own estate with “out” buildings. 5 years later I bought my first building of about 5000 SF in downtown Omaha. 7 years down the trail I bought my beloved Kimball Laundry building just up the block.

Kimball allowed expansion into 80,000 SF. I still was not thinking in terms of cubic feet at this point and was still on two dimensions. This is where my luck starts to play a part. After 15 years, Kimball is full. I just acquired a 28 semi-load deal from Power One, the power supply manufacturer. This forced me to either acquire more satellite space or a new building. At the same point in time, the condo market in Omaha was peaking, bringing me a buyer for Kimball that allowed an unexpected profit. I jumped further north in town to a mostly blighted area and bought a warehouse that was built in the 1860’s. High ceilings. Now I thought in a third dimension. How high could I stack it. As it turns out, I could stack it 10′-15′ high and I had about 150,000 SF to fill up.

Ashton Wholesale Building

After another 15 years, not only was this building full but now this neighborhood was being eyeballed for development into something bigger and better. I thought my Ashton building would become apartments some day but other forces were moving and shaping the neighborhood into a creative, cool place to work. Offices. Something to do with the Mastercraft building next door I suppose. Succumbing to trendy developers was becoming a habit, so I sold out.

Surplus Sales of Nebraska – Fort Calhoun

On the downhill path of Grinnell’s lucky real estate arc I stumbled into my current building. It actually has 4 dimensions. Width, depth, height and cool. Since this is my first and last building that will take me into retirement, I needed to make sure I would never out grow it. Here we have 6 million cubic feet to organize and store to the Nth degree. In broad strokes we have 144 LED lit metal shelved aisles, 220′ long and 10′ high. This is for storage and organization of small parts. We also have 20 rows 250′ long of 18′ high double deep pallet racking. This for bulk storage of inventory and unsorted purchases. All lined up to be broken down and added to the website. Add a super snazzy office with expanded shipping facility and you have Surplus Sales of Nebraska, Fort Calhoun.