Apex Electronics Warehouse

In July of 2017 Surplus Sales was invited to bid on the entire Apex Electronics warehouse located in Sun Valley, California. Almost every major acquisition we have made in the last 30 years involved a warehouse in a redeveloping part of the city that was more valuable in a future reuse than in its present static warehousing form. That was the case with the Apex building. Consequently, they wanted to sell the entire contents, wall to wall. We made them an acceptable offer and a deal was struck. Now the fun starts.

Relay Aisle

Our crew arrived in LA with one objective in mind. To load up eight 53′ shipping containers as quickly as humanly possible. That would require long 10 hours days. Our hosts were gracious and accommodated our schedule as well as providing additional labor and equipment. Building 40″ x 48″ pallets eight foot tall was the singular focus. Everything had to come off of the shelves and be carefully packed to travel the 1600 miles. Boxes were packed and then stacked on pallets up to 8 feet tall. 26 pallets would need to be squeezed into each truck.

Wave Meters and Microwave Goodies

Apex had an assortment of inventory in this “back stock” warehouse just a few blocks from their main store. The shelves were so densely packed, back stock long forgotten and sold out of in the store was found hiding layers deep. Many of the parts were decades old but most were new-old-stock and untouched by time. Carbon composition resistors filled shelving on two aisles sixty feet long and 12′ high. This is a very nice addition to our resistor inventory and allows us to be more competitive than ever. Other parts categories with a substantial volume included pilot lamps, wire terminals, relays and contactors, vacuum tubes, vintage telephones, motors, switches, wire wound resistors, panel meters, electrical connectors, transformers and fuses. The volume of RF related inventory was mind boggling. From all things microwave to attenuators to terminations to test equipment. Ten pallets of solid state, vintage transistors, diodes and IC’s were packed.

Building Pallets Sturdy, High, Tight and Stable

We packed our last truck 10 days after starting. Cuts, bruises and hurting bodies all packed in for the trip back to Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. After all, trucks were arriving that needed to be unloaded. That is about all the further we got with the Apex acquisition. Unloaded and stored into our vast pallet rack system. We were just starting to move our main warehouse across town so first things first. Over 500 truckloads were moved. We look forward to settling down into a steady process of accessing each new Apex part and sending it up to the website so you all can feast on this vintage treasure from California.