Teflon® (PTFE) Wire Additions

With the move behind us, we can now concentrate on the addition of inventory to the website. It is not an exaggeration to state we have amassed over 3,000 pallets of new material in the past 44 years of surplussing. Now we have time to sort, organize, count and work it into the website. The 6,000,000 cubic foot warehouse is instrumental key in the proper organization of this material. Hang onto your hats!

Teflon® Wire- One, Two and Three Conductor

Today I am adding Teflon® wire that has accumulated for years. It is true. Our customers prefer to see the exact item they want to purchase. I am one of the only electronic parts merchants that endeavors to show the customer an actual photo of what he will be purchasing. In some cases, as in the wire category, we have small reels that are not economical to sell individual footage off of. Those fall into a “multi” class. That part number might be something like WTF-22S-MUL-S. that breaks down into a prefix, WTF, standing for Wire, Teflon®. Then 22 gauge. Then S= stranded wire. Then the key here, MUL. That means this part number can be any one of “multiple” colors we happen to have on hand. Then S for silver plated. We sell this class of wire cheaper because it helps us clean up remnants. You cannot pick colors. You can however order it two or three different line items on our shopping cart, say for 50′ each one, and drop a note into the comment box for us that you want three different colors of the same MUL class wire.

We sell wire by the foot and sometimes by the pound if we have large quantities. Prices are super competitive and the selection is good. Try us out next time you need hook-up wire.